Gay Winterringer, Ph.D., RD, CFS has been involved in food for over 25 years.  She earned a Ph.D. in Food and Nutrition from Kansas State University, conducting her research at The American Institute of Baking. Gay has published several papers, technical articles and co-authored a chapter in “Variety Breads in the United States”. Gay has been recognized as a Certified Food Scientist by the Institute of Food Technologists.

After completing her Ph.D. Gay studied bread and baking at the American Institute of Baking in Manhattan, KS, traditional French Cuisine at LaVarenne Ecole de Cuisine in Paris, France, and at Le Cordon Rouge in San Rafael, California.  Most recently she has studied Mexican Cooking in Oaxaca and Pueblo with Marilyn Townsend and Susana Trilling and Thai Cooking in Bangkok.   

She has worked in food product development with companies such as Mrs. Fields Cookies, La Petite Boulangerie (Pepsico), Boboli pizza, Marie Calendar’s, New Life Foods, the California Egg Board, the California Raisin Board, Just Desserts and many others.  She has managed the development process from prototype to plant production to retail execution.  

Among the professional organizations that Gay is involved in are the California Dietetic Association, American Dietetic Association, Institute of Food Technology, San Francisco Professional Food Society, American Association of Cereal Chemists and International Association of Culinary Professionals.  

David Hansen
has been involved in food manufacturing operations for over 25 years. Graduating with a degree in English Literature, David soon learned that food was to be his life's work.

Beginning in the bakery business, David spent 15 years managing all aspects of plant production, rising quickly to the post of Director of Bakery Operations. He has a thorough knowledge of formulation, production flows and plant organization. He has been responsible for overall manufacturing management as well as the specification and purchasing of ingredients and supplies, formulation costing, plant systems development, sanitation and quality control.

For the past several years David has focused on Food Safety programs and USDA and FDA-compliance for various clients. He has monitored interaction with the USDA and its inspection activities as well as compliance with outside-vendor auditors. He has written HACCP plans with their accompanying prerequisite programs for various USDA process categories, as well as for clients producing non-amenable products.